Black Dog ‘Fang III’ Tournament 10/12/06


The 10th of December 06 saw the first open invite, open weapon, Fang III tourney held by the Black Dogs. This saw people from a variety of different groups, fighting each other for the first time. Throwing a bunch of people not experience with each other into a tournament environment can be dangerous, but I was highly impressed with the level of control exercised by all combatants. The sword simulators used were ‘Fluffies’ ranging from arming swords to spears. Fun was had by all. The feast afterwards was outstanding.

Rules for the Tournament can be found here:

More Photos can be found here:

~ by Magnus on 23 December, 2006.

One Response to “Black Dog ‘Fang III’ Tournament 10/12/06”

  1. G’day Matt, The rules used for the now renamed “Darksun Fang III Open” are:

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