Perth Fechtschule/Knight School study group 8/12/06

Again just Vlad and myself.

Started off with a little Zornhau work. I wanted to see the difference in using a 2 slightly different sloping paces with the Zornhau defence (against a right oberhau with a rather long slope pace).

1. A slope relative to the original position of my opponent in front of me. The resultant position was me facing my opponent in the bind (similar to left pflug/langenort), with my left leg being the front most. This came about from my footwork being intended for someone in front of me, but my body and arms tracking to a target on my left side.

2. A slope pace towards where the opponent is going (to my left side). This resulted in the same bind, but with my right leg forward.

Next we worked on keeping the point online whilst winding between Pflug and Ochs guards. To do this we used the drill shown in the Ochs Longsword video were one holds their point on a pad and transitions between guards.

From there we transitioned into some Sprechfenster plays.

In preparation for the Dogs’ tourney we decided to do some sparring. Rounds of 2 mins each using modified shinai.

  • First round was full speed freeplay.
  • Second and third rounds one person used thrusts only, the other cuts only.
  • Forth round was half-swording.
  • Fifth round was done slow and controlled.

As a conclusion we worked on an overview of the 5 Meisterhau, followed by some slow dynamic flow bouting (focusing on using technique and flowing smoothly).

~ by Magnus on 23 December, 2006.

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