Perth Fechtschule/Knight School study group 7/12/06

Just myself and Vlad for this night. With the Black Dogs tournament coming up we decided to focus on what we might encounter. We both intended to use a longsword for our bouts so we experimented with one person using a longsword and another with a different weapons which included, but not limited to, ‘SCA style sword and shield’, ‘Florentine style’*, and ‘sword and dagger’. We used the weapon simulators of the tournament, known in the local vernacular as ‘fluffies’.# These were found not to be fluffy at all, in fact they hit harder than RSW and shinai. 🙂

*This style has been a matter of some debate on places like swordforum (thread link). I am told the basis for this ahistorical style is a brass rubbing from florence that shows a man holding two swords. If anyone knows of this brass rubbing, please contact me.

#Based on ARMA Padded Contact-Sparring Weapons.

~ by Magnus on 23 December, 2006.

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