Perry Gamsby R.I.P. 17/12/06

No not rest in peace! Rapid Instructional Program!

I attended a RIP run by Perry Gamsby who was brought over here by Hakarac Boxing. The first 2 hours of the RIP we covered StreetSteel- a defence system against knife attacks. The last 2 hours Perry’s StreetStik method was covered. Info on what these are about can be found on this thread. Also here are some of the stats mentioned by Perry (4th post down).

What impressed me about this RIP was Perry’s choice of what to teach. In looking back at it, not a lot of techniques were taught. However, dumping too much stuff into an isolated 4 hour seminar can be worse than too little. In my opinion Perry got it right. What was taught was explained well, relevant to the target audience, at a level everyone could do and easily retained. Plus you get a cool certificate and handout to show mum. 🙂

I’d recommend Perry to any martial artists out there interested in defence against knife attacks and/or stickfighting.

~ by Magnus on 24 December, 2006.

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