Boar’s Tooth Fight School I.33 DVD

My DVD of Dave Rawlings I.33 has arrived. I’ve only watched it once, but here are my initial impressions

Cons: It only covers the techniques from 1st Ward through to Half Shield. It is sort of a letterboxed format so can be hard to see on a small screen. Some time is wasted trying to get the partner to do the correct move/stance.

Pros: The techniques and principles are explained in depth and very well. I don’t think I will be left with as many unanswered questions as to the subtleties of the techniques, as I have been with other DVDs or books. I like the way the presenters look (Kerrick disagrees though), it gives a more serious modern martial art but laid back type feel to it. Reminds me of some of Tony Blauer’s instructional videos. Even though some time is wasted in correcting the training partner, this does show common mistakes and allow to be cognisant of them whilst training. Also the ordering process was easy and it arrived relatively quickly.

~ by Magnus on 9 April, 2007.

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