Knight School study group 5/4/07

After all the excitement of the All Fools Day event, we decided to slow things down and focus on form. Started out on the Zornhau plays and working from the bind. Kept it simple. From the bind the aggressor would be strong, weak or inbetween (tip online). This gave the defender 3 options-

Strong:  Abnehmen

Weak: Thrust straight to face

Inbetween: Wind into ochs and thrust

Next week we plan on building on these, such as the counter to abnehmen and zucken.

Next we did Krumphau, again keeping it simple. First a void and Krumphau to the hands, and then a Krumphau to the blade and reply. Again we will build on this next week, such as the counter to the Krumphau to blade.

We finished off with some flow work. Medium speed with steel, with the aim to try and use the techniques practised in a dynamic environment.

~ by Magnus on 9 April, 2007.

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