Training Report – Knight School 17/01/08

Unfortunately not everyone could make tonight, so we kept it informal (plus it was 40+ degrees Celsius).

Our warmup was some light rondel sparring, with a focus on thrusts.
We trained on the following from Ringeck-

  • Long Point plays. 3 simple drills that teach counters to attacks against Long Point.
    • An Absetzen against attacks to the body.
    • Durchwechseln against attacks to the sword.
    • Schnappen/Zucken against a successful hit against the sword.
  • The ‘Eight Winden’. IMO, it’s a simple principle, but takes some fühlen to pull off in a dynamic situation. Also, if the opponents sword pushes the tip too far outwards, then one must be prepared to abandon the wind and strike elsewhere.
  • Nebenhut plays.
    • Counter-strike against an Oberhau results in a hard bind; Duplieren to opponents neck.
    • Counter-strike against an Oberhau, then attack to upper openings with the long edge.
    • Sword is bound down; Schnappen on the left side and hit the head with the short edge.
    • Counter-strike against an Oberhau; opponent winds high; snipe at their right side and retreat.
    • Counter-strike against an Oberhau; opponent winds high; you set aside winding into a lower Hengen with the long edge; opponent Zwerchaus around; snipe at left side and retreat.
    • Opponent holds sword diagnally in front of them; strike from underneath to the sword and onwards to the arms or chest. I find Ringeck is quite ambiguous as to what exactley the opponent is supposed to be doing; this leaves the play quite open to interpretation.
    • Durchwechseln against a strike against your unterhau.
    • Throw initiated from a Nebenhut position using the sword against the neck as leverage.

Finished the night off with some bouting.

~ by Magnus on 18 January, 2008.

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