Ringschule DVD Review

Ringschule Wrocław is a HEMA group in Poland that has put out two excellent DVDs on ‘The Wrestling of Master Ott the Jew‘. Jud Ott (Ott the Jew) was a German Kampfringen (combat wrestling) master in the early 15th century, who’s teachings are featured in many Fechtbuchs from the ‘society of Liechtenauer‘.

The first DVD covers basic principles, basic stances, 11 basic throws, warm-ups, and 21 wrestling games. The DVD menu is easy to navigate and nicely presented. The DVD has only Polish speech with English subtitles. However, this is no problem as the instruction is very easy to follow. Due to the excellent manner in which the techniques are shown, one could learn much without the need of the subtitles. Techniques are first shown at speed by combatants in historical clothing, then explained in a gym environment with combatants in modern clothes.

The second DVD covers 4 off balancing techniques, 4 breaks, counter-techniques to the basic throws, and strength building exercises. Again all techniques are clearly demonstrated and explained well. The strength building exercises are partner based, and cover all the muscle groups. This DVD improves on the first, by having both English and Polish speech, and having a dedicated film set.

I highly recommend both DVDs for anyone interested in medieval wrestling. Email “ringschule ‘at’ o2 ‘dot’ pl” to order.

A trailer to the first DVD can be found here.

Here is the trailer to the second DVD.

~ by Magnus on 29 January, 2008.

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