Darksun Historical Fightschool

Moves are underway to form the Darksun Historical Fightschool. This will be a group dedicated to teaching HEMA. The following systems will be taught-

Longsword (Liechtenauer)

Messer (Leckuechner)

Armoured Fighting (Liechtenauer and Le Jeu for Poleaxe)

Wrestling (Ott and other German sources)

Dagger (various medieval sources)

Additional systems will be added at a later date if senior members choose to research these.

The school will have a modern feel, with much of the equipment consisting of modern clothes and PPE. This will not be a school for re-enacting or fantasy fighting.

Hopefully we will setup by the end of the year. More information to come.

~ by Magnus on 5 October, 2008.

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