Darksun Spring Tournament

A camping event was held in Balingup by Darksun and the Hounds of Bosenburg. The purpose of this event was allow an environment in which people from various groups could play with swords and the like. People from Darksun, the SCA, Kingsley Swords (hema) and Darksun Hist. Fightschool attended. A highlight for me a quarterstaff workshop by Mark from Kingsley Swords. I am now wanting to study further into this weapon. I also tried some Longsword versus Quarterstaff. A real challenge as the longswordsman, but I have a few new tricks up my sleeve for next time 🙂

A longsword tournament was ran on the second day. The placings were: 1st- Jason (Darksun Hist. Fightschool/Liechtenauer), 2nd- Alex (Knight School/Liechtenauer) and 3rd- Mark (Kingsley Swords/Silver).

Here are some videos of me at the event. Videos of other people to come later.

~ by Magnus on 5 October, 2008.

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