Why Longsword?

I’ve been asked this before. ‘Why learn longsword when system X and Y are better?’

I think John Clements addresses this nicely in his latest article of at ARMA. To quote John-

Though we would not suspect it from the simplistic way the weapon is typically misportrayed in popular culture, the inferior way it is notoriously handled by stunt fencers and many other enthusiasts, the longsword is undeniably versatile and sophisticated. Within its middle size length with symmetrical grip it contains a larger pool of core elements integral to the discipline of close combat skill. This is surely why it was so emphasized historically by Masters of Defence.

In other words, the principles, body mechanics and conditioning you develop whilst learning longsword will put you in good stead to learn any other fencing system out there. This has certainly been my experience.

There is also another reason I like longsword fencing. It is just me and the sword. I have no dagger to throw, no buckler to check with, no shield to hide behind, it is just me and a thin piece of steel to protect my life with.

~ by Magnus on 21 October, 2008.

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