Steel Longsword Fencing

We have filmed some blunt-steel longsword fencing this month, as soon it will get too hot to wear the appropiate PPE. Steel freeplay is something I have neglected of late, mostly due to being too lazy to gear up for it. The past few sessions have made me realise how much I need a new blunt sword. My current one, whilst being no ‘spatula’, has a variety of flaws. Its handle is too short, which is very troublesome when wearing protective gloves; the rotational nodes are slightly off my ideal sword; and it weighs at least 250 grams too much. What I need is something like an Albion Liechtenauer.

Enough whinging, here is the video. (It might be worth going to youtube and view in ‘high quality’)


~ by Magnus on 4 November, 2008.

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