Why “Laches”?

Laches was an early Socratic dialogue that discussed the interplay of moral education and military training. The name was chosen because of the similarities of the subject matter – training to fight – and the process of discussion – blogging/dialogues.

The dialogue discusses bravery as a mixture of endurance and the knowledge of good and evil. These two facets of training endurance and the knowledge of good/evil have been manifested in martial training throughout history. The Samurai called their methods of endurance training ‘Shugyo’. Modern reality based martial arts would call the knowledge of good and evil playing a “good bad guy”, or doing sucker punch drills with realistic dialogue so as to mimic the nefariousness one might encounter in a real fight.

The dialogue finally ends in confusion (Aporia) as to what bravery really is and Socrates suggests the commentators still have much to learn. This is analogous to the confusion encountered in real fighting and the need to learn more from our encounters.


Socrates and friends in medieval England on a most excellent of adventures.


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